Iraqi refugee shares his success story as an entrepreneur in Germany

Iraqi refugee shares his success story as an entrepreneur in Germany

Germany: Rani arrived in Germany in September 2011, following a “long and arduous journey in which he and his family were exposed to many dangers,” Rani did not have sufficient educational qualifications to work in areas that could increase his income. “In recent years, the neighborhood I live in has witnessed the arrival of many Arab refugees,” he said. This led him to think about opening up his own business.

Rami’s decision to move into self-employment was welcomed by the German labor office. An employee there enrolled him in a training course to help him understand the basics of self-employment in Germany. He learned how to “calculate profits and losses, better understand self-employment law and recognize my rights and duties of being self-employed in Germany.”

After he successfully completed the training course, he had to go to a German government department that would carry out an economic study on an entrepreneurial project he submitted. Once the study was completed, he would receive government funding toward his project.

Rani was shocked when he found out his project was rejected because it was deemed “impossible to succeed.” But Rani did not despair and began looking for an alternative solution: “I got a small loan from a friend and looked for a small space with low rent. I managed to achieve my dream.”

The project started small and his financial resources were limited but Rani began to buy food products that he would then resell. He was able to develop the project further thanks to the profit he was making.

Rani hopes that in the future he could open up another shop to sell and repair mobile phones. He has extensive experience in the field from his home country. He advises refugees “to learn German, as that is the key to success here and helps a lot when searching for a job.”



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