Gang ‘hunting refugees’ beat refugee to death in Germany

Gang ‘hunting refugees’ beat refugee to death in Germany

Germany: Attack comes after vigilante gangs targeting asylum seekers form across Germany. Four men are on trial in Germany for allegedly beating a man to death after setting out to “hunt refugees”.

Prosecutors said the gang in Waldbröl, North Rhine-Westphalia, drank together before heading into the town centre to “hunt for refugees” after hearing reports a girl had been harassed, WDR reported.

Armed with a baseball bat and knuckle duster, they found several groups of asylum seekers who managed to escape without serious injury while roving the streets on 1 September.

At least one man was beaten before they came across their final victim, a 40-year-old from Kazakhstan named as Klaus B who was known to the suspects and had fought them days before.

The gang, aged between 19 and 35, set upon the victim in a car park after he had also been drinking.

The teenager was allegedly the first to hit Klaus B, before the others joined in, continuing to beat him as he lay on the ground and at jumping on his back as he tried to flee.

He died in hospital nine days later, leaving a wife and two children after suffering severe head injuries including a fractured skull.

Following Klaus B’s death in September, police said they were investigating “connected events” in Waldbröl including assaults, harassment and robbery.

“The prosecution assumes that their primary objective was to go out into Waldbröl and pick a fight with refugees,” a spokesperson for Bonn district court said.

Relatives say the victim’s children have been left traumatised by their father’s brutal death.


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